Amanda Lewis


I am an independent post-doctoral researcher hosted by Dr. Henning Stahlberg in the Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy at the EPFL, Switzerland. I have developed correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) pipelines for the structural investigation of disease pathology within post-mortem human brain. With a current focus on Parkinson’s disease, I am curious about the mechanisms of protein aggregation leading to the formation of neurodegenerative disease pathology.

My formative education was in biochemistry, molecular biology and structural biology obtained from the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. My research projects used X-ray crystallography, small angle x-ray scattering, and biophysical techniques to investigate the structure, behaviour and molecular interactions of key proteins involved in human disease and neurodegeneration. My following post-doctoral training, obtained in Perth, Basel and Amsterdam, expanded my technical expertise to include multimodal imaging techniques (including confocal fluorescence light microscopy and electron microscopy).

The future direction of my research will integrate new technologies to apply a multimodal combination of frontier microscopy techniques to study the ultrastructure of human brain from the micro to nano scale. By correlating observations in the tissue with sub-cellular and molecular level structures, I aim to understand how neurodegenerative diseases originate and spread, the molecular components involved, and the effect of the diseased cells on the surrounding brain tissue architecture.